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2020 Polar Bear 5K Course Map.jpg
Course Maps
2023 Polar Bear 10K Course - REVISED FOR CONSTRUCTION2.png

For a printable/zoomable pdf 5K course map, click the pdf icon or here

For a printable/zoomable pdf
10K course map, click the pdf icon or here

5 Mile
Parking and Road Closure Map
Polar Bear Road Closure Map for CityWay.png

Eli Lilly will once again allow participants to park in their nearby lots during the race. Entry gates will open at 6am and close at 9pm:

  • Lot 98 - Just south of the YMCA

  • Lot 48 - Just southeast of the YMCA

  • Lot 43 North - Just west off the YMCA, southwest corner of Delaware and South Street.

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